sunnudagur, 22. mars 2020


As Iceland was greeting the Christmas party and preparing for a long and harsh winter in the coming year 2020, the news of an sosial media was received that in the City of Whuhan, China, a new and previously unknown coronavirus was emerging in the wild animal market products there in the city.  The Threat proved to be catchy and spread like wildfire throughout the entire Hubei province, and became elderly and ill quickly to age.  There were no vaccines or drugs against this virus.  The Chinese government was late to realize the seriousness of the matter, but began a massive war against the virus in the end and became successful, but unfortunately too late for the world.  The virus had plunged into neighboring countries, one by one here and there.  The number of cases increased gradually, but in some places it gained a lot of attention especially in Iran and then in Italy, Spain and elsewhere.

 Northern Italy is well known for its textile industry but also for the skiing tourism industry.  Thus, ownership of many of these textile factories is in the hands of the Chinese and the workers come from most of Wuhan and the surrounding provinces.  Direct flights were from Wuhan to the north of Italy, and so the virus got there and spread at lightning speed, mainly due to the communication behavior of the residents there.  It was not, therefore, a question to ask for the virus to crash into the ski hotels, which is a popular resort for European skiing enthusiasts.  The Italians were late for action, it was as if they did not believe that "Wuhan" was happening to them and it was not until it was inconvenient for the northern regions to be closed and then all of Italy and the exit ban imposed, but then the horror was started and people are dying hundreds together.  European governments were also slow to respond, nor were they to believe that this was actually happening this way.  Something like that has not happened in the past few generations.  Soon, countries began to close their borders, and Denmark was the first to take a major step, and finally to the European Union as a whole.  By then, the United States had already unlocked and the Icelandic government found it acidic in violation.

Iceland and was traveling and flying to sunny countries, as Icelanders have become accustomed to, despite claiming to sometimes have a "fly wiping" like this to peace  blessed the conscience towards climate, but of course does not mean anything.

 In northern Italy, there was a group of ski enthusiasts, mainly from the education and health sectors.  Many people might think that these professions would have wandered beneath other people rather, but they dit not. With this guardian of Icelandic society, the storms smuggled into our country.  The Icelandic government's response team responded when action was taken step by step as the epidemic gained more foothold in the country and soon declared a state of emergency.  It is a matter of most people that the work is well done, but it is clear that tourism should not be reduced to one or nothing in these measures.  It was self-sufficient, however, because the tourist left the country faster than frostbeds before the sun.

 Today, the disease called Covid-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading slowly and bitingly and the row is steadily gaining weight in health care institutions.  At about a 500 sick when this is written and over 5,000 in quarantine.  Someone can work at home but others with various organized restrictions, especially in schools and institutions, and still tougher operations are announced.  The government has provided a rescue package for companies and their employees, though theirs seems to be as hoped and pointed.

 But then back home and to the heart of the matter.  In the southern country, the largest spread of infection is outside the capital area itself, a total of 34 infected and 210 in quarantine.  There is a definite increase in the spread of the disease.  The only way to put this disaster down is to impose a total curfew for at least two weeks if taken early enough and put restrictions on travel to and from the country.  Thus, many people can be saved from taking the illness with unforeseen consequences.  This is the only method that currently works and many states are adopting, but it does not appear to be done until there is a lot of inconvenience in many cases.

 It is almost certain that we will be able to shut down the virus in this way, but then be cautious when re-opening travel and guarantee that the virus will not return to the country.  If Europe, as well as all other countries, were an organization in this, the danger would be largely ignored at the beginning of the summer.